Hot or Cold Cereal

Coco puffs, cheerios, honey-nut cheerios,

lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch,

total whole grain and total raisin. $2.75


     Two Eggs Any Style

With home fries and toast $3.50

Add meat (sausage, bacon, ham,

or pork roll) for $2.75




Three eggs with home fries and toast $3.75

Addins   $0.75 each item.


     Pancakes or French Toast

Short stack $2.95  Full stack $3.95

Add fruit or chocolate chips for $2.75


     Breakfast Sandwich

Egg $2.75  Egg with cheese $3.50

Egg with meat and cheese $4.25


     Buttered Roll $1.25


Crumb Cake $2.25,  With fruit $2.75

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